Qitime program for businesses

Strengthen body and mind at once

There are numerous methods to facilitate change within an organization. Whether the desired transformation succeeds depends above all on the attitude of the company, the teams and the employees. Flexibility of mind also applies to processes - just as personal inner stability can make an organization more resilient.

QiTIME for companies combines mental and physical training and strengthens your employees and teams on the health and personal level. The model developed by us complements itself perfectly with agile methods like Scrum, Design Thinking or Loop Approach.

If you want to support your teams to develop a new attitude, QiTIME is the right thing for you and your employees. The newly gained inner stability creates clarity and openness. You can better activate the existing knowledge, realize future potentials and as an organization you can react flexibly to a fast changing environment.

initial analysis
Where are we?

On the basis of 20 questions, we determine where your organization and its employees stand. This will help the participants to get a better understanding of their flexibility, clarity and openness to learn. Potentials and options for action become visible.

This is a free service of QiLABS GmbH.

brief workshop
Where are we going?

In einem zweistündigen-Workshop erarbeiten wir auf der Grundlage der Erstanalyse gemeinsam konkrete Ziele, Mitarbeiter*innen besser an Ihr Unternehmen zu binden und krankheitsbedingte Fehltage zu reduzieren. Davon abgeleitet entwickeln wir Handlungsoptionen und legen die nächsten Schritte fest. Zudem erlernen die Teilnehmer*innen erste wirksame Praktiken traditioneller asiatischer Gesundheitsübungen zur Integration in den eigenen Arbeitsalltag.

events, talks and webinars

Mindfulness, empathy and physical fitness are on everyone's lips right now. But how do you manage to balance and strengthen your head, body and heart? How do we (un)learn consciously? How do people in their entirety become capable of acting? In active lectures, we combine millennia-old Asian knowledge and exercises with findings from psychology and neuroscience. The participants experience through exercises how they can influence their own posture. With examples from everyday work, we sensitize employees and managers to the present and make the future tangible.

Key topics can be defined together or are, for example:

The workshop can be adapted to target groups and can also be conducted in digital format.


In various formats, the participants learn to consciously perceive themselves. They gain a better understanding of the connection between head, body and heart. To achieve this, we combine traditional Asian knowledge with the most modern methods of adult education and current findings from neurological research. We teach practices that strengthen body and mind at the same time and can be easily continued, deepened and integrated into the daily work routine by the participants.

The workshop can also be held in digital format.


transformation program

Transformation and change succeed above all from within and in small steps. In our five- or ten-week transformation program, we accompany individuals or small groups in one-hour practice meetings to expand their perception, become more open and build inner stability and health. We enable the participants to perceive blockages and to deal competently with tensions, challenges and conflicts. By integrating the different practices into their daily work, they can find out how to achieve better learning outcomes. Afterwards, the participants are able to independently drive their development and experience a more effective time out. 

The programme can also be carried out on site.

company challenges

The company challenge promotes openness, willingness to change and networking between employees, teams and organisations in accordance with the company values. Within the Challenge, personal insights are translated into visible behavior through conscious rituals and reflected in groups. Everyone wins. Thanks to our good networking, the challenge can be supplemented by other activities, e.g. running club, if desired in addition to Asian health practices.

Time, coach and method are selectable.

advantages for your company

Transforming mindset into a sustainable business

By building inner stability, individuals, teams and organizations become more agile, flexible, networked and therefore more successful in a complex, volatile environment.

Motivating employees effectively

Meta-competences such as self-perception, reflection, personal responsibility, dialogue skills and health are strengthened in the long term and result in lower fluctuation and greater company attractiveness.

Reduce absenteeism and follow-up costs

According to Harvard, every euro invested in this area leads to a benefit of 3 euros and thus has a positive effect on profits and productivity.

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